Business partnership with US medical device incubator Triple Ring Technologies

JOMDD has made a basic agreement with Triple Ring Technologies, Inc. on the business alliance agreement in order to expand our operations in the United States in the implementation of our medical equipment.

Triple Ring has gathered medical device professionals and worked as a leader in US medical device incubator since its inception in 2004 and has been engaged in R&D and commercialization work in various fields such as therapeutic medical equipment and latest X-ray diagnostic equipment. Today, they have established medical device manufacturing bases in Silicon Valley and Boston, the two major medical industry aggregation sites in the United States, which also complies with the international quality assurance standard ISO 13485. In addition, they are promoting in-house production of prototype manufacturing, etc., they have extensive experience and achievements in global development of medical device technology.

With this business partnership, we decided to deepen collaboration between our international development and projects that are already being commercialized specifically by both parties. In addition, we aim to improve competitiveness with each other by cooperating in consideration of outsourcing parties, development strategy and marketing. We will deepen our friendly cooperative relationship and strive to deliver valuable products to the world. JOMDD will continue to focus on overseas business of incubated products and accelerate the development of medical device seeds and ideas by utilizing Triple Ring’s network and know-how to contribute to the revitalization of the medical device industry in Japan.

■Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.(http://tripleringtech.com/
CEO:Joseph Heanue
Address:39655 Eureka Drive, Newark, CA 94160, U.S.A.
Date of Foundation:2004