JOMDD, Inc. Completes Approximately US$10M Round B financing from Real Tech Fund

TOKYO, February 23, 2016, Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc. medical device incubator and innovator (Head Office: Chuo-ku Tokyo; President & CEO Takahiro Uchida; hereinafter, “JOMDD”) completed Round B financing of approximately US$10M through third-party allocation of shares to a next generation Japanese technology development fund, Real Tech Fund (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Executive Director Akihiko Nagata; hereinafter, “Real Tech”) Note: This round follows the financing announcement on October 14th, 2015.

This funding will allow JOMDD to expand its medical device incubation business, including venture funding, and it will also increase hiring resources. While accelerating the commercialization of the projects currently in development, JOMDD plans to further develop and grow its “Healthcare Innovation Platform” by proactively building partnerships in the areas of Regenerative Medicine, Genomic Analysis, Medical IT, Robotics and AI.

Real Tech Fund, is focused on the cultivation of start-ups that research and develop ground-breaking technologies conducive to solving earth and humanity’s issues in areas such as robotics, electronics, biotech, agriculture, energy, advanced materials, aerospace, big data, and IoT. “Real Tech” to solve real world issues.

As JOMDD is able to tap into the base technologies and study data supported by Real Tech, this will bring JOMDD one step closer to realizing its vision, “Delivering Japan’s Medical Innovations to the World.” It intends to continue its global expansion of Japan born medical technologies.

About JOMDD, Inc.
Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc., “JOMDD” is a medical device incubator and innovator. Founded in 2012, and based in Tokyo, Japan, JOMDD takes Japanese born medical technologies and commercializes them for global launch. Through its expertise in planning, R&D, regulatory affairs, marketing and sales, JOMDD is able to go from concept to sales rapidly. JOMDD partners with doctors, established manufacturers and start-ups to propel medical innovations at the fastest speeds possible. For further information on JOMDD, visit https://jomdd.com/company_en/.

About Real Tech Fund
Euglena SMBC Nikko Leave a Nest Capital, also known as Real Tech Fund, is a venture capital firm specializing in seed/startup investments based in Minato-ku, Japan. Founded in 2014, it primarily invests in companies based in Japan. It focuses investments in the robotics, electronics, biotech, agriculture, energy, advanced materials, aerospace, big data, and IoT sectors. For more information about Real Tech Fund, visit http://www.realtech.fund/.