Former CEO and Chairman at CALBEE, Inc. Akira Matsumoto appointed Executive Advisor to JOMDD

JOMDD announces that it has signed an advisory contract with Mr. Akira Matsumoto.
Mr. Matsumoto has achieved sales tenfold in six years since he became the General Manager of Century Medical Inc., a trading company specializing in medical devices.

カルビー前会長 松本晃氏、JOMDD内田毅彦

He previously served as President and Chief Advisor of Johnson & Johnson K.K. for 15 years. While at JJKK, he boosted Johnson & Johnson K.K.’s recurring profit margin to 52% and was highly acclaimed, contributing to the development of the domestic medical device industry in various ways. After retiring from Johnson & Johnson K.K., he has achieved numerous achievements in the medical field, including the national government.

He was invited to Calbee, Inc. in 2009 as Chairman and CEO, and was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He dramatically improved the business through his leadership resulting in consolidated sales growth of 80% and improving operating profit margin from 3.5% to 11.4% in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. Mr. Matsumoto is widely recognized as a Corporate Management Professional by the Society.

JOMDD is really proud to welcome Mr. Matsumoto, we believe his passion for management and medical care and a wealth of experience will serve JOMDD well as an advisor.

■Comments from Akira Matsumoto (The following is translated by JOMDD)
This time, I decided to take on an advisor for JOMDD, which is involved in medical device development.
I was in the medical device business at ITOCHU Corporation and Johnson & Johnson K.K., so I am very excited to be involved in running a startup company specializing in medical devices. Until now, almost no good medical devices came out of Japan. Medical device development is a multiplication of several processes. Even if only one for example, product development, regulatory approval, marketing, sales, and quality control is zero, the total will be zero. Medical device development cannot be easily achieved without understanding the various processes. Naturally, the development of medical devices will not succeed without good people. JOMDD has a good team, including Dr. Uchida. I think it’s important to guide this team in the right business direction.
I always thought, “Go for it!” For the success of JOMDD, I think it would be best if the medical device industry in Japan could be expanded.

■Akira Matsumoto
– Founder and CEO, Radi-Cool Japan, Inc.
– Former Board Member at RIZAP GROUP, Inc.
– Former CEO and Chairman at CALBEE, Inc.
– Former President at Johnson & Johnson K.K.
– Former General Manager at Century Medical Inc.