Business Overview


Our Business Model

Multiple JOMDD business model patterns

Investments from External Sources

  • M3
  • USCI
  • goodman
  • 地域経済活性化
  • Realtech
  • johnan
  • smbc
  • sbkawasumi
  • OitaVC
  • Canon
  • nigataVC
  • Fuyo-lease
  • macnica

Multiple JOMDD business model patterns

  • Licensing and commercialization

    Intellectual property is licensed to JOMDD by a university, etc., which we then commercialize. There are cases where we out-license to a major corporation after achieving a certain level of commercialization, or partnerships may be established with a major corporation to perform distribution.

  • Developing distribution channels for third-party products

    JOMDD is capable of developing overseas distribution channels for third-party products. With distribution partners in over 25 countries, we are actively expanding and developing our overseas distribution channels.

  • Joint commercialization

    From startups to major corporations, JOMDD enters into joint commercialization projects with other companies. In some cases, JOMDD may invest in these projects.

Our Services

The 3 Key Pillars of JOMDD

  • Investment


    Angel investment
    Procurement of funds
    Hands-on commercialization support
    Capitalization strategies

  • Commercialization


    Joint commercialization
    In-house development
    Collaboration with industry / academia / municipalities
    Manufacturing and distribution of medical devices
    Distribution of medical devices

  • Consulting


    Japan / overseas regulatory affairs strategies
    Japan / overseas insurance reimbursement strategies
    Intellectual property strategies
    Business plan design
    Overseas expansion

JOMDD commercializes innovative medical technologies. JOMDD practices several styles of commercialization, (1) “In-house development” where JOMDD develops a technology from zero or commercializes a technology licensed from a university, etc. JOMDD would function as the medical device manufacturer and distributor.
(2) “Joint commercialization with a third party”. In joint commercialization, there are several considerable revenue models, including capital gains through joint investment / stock options or actual costs. JOMDD actively partners with municipal governments, industry, and academia.
JOMDD also performs overseas expansion of third-party products.
JOMDD provides angel investments primarily for healthcare startups. We may invest in companies at an early stage when proof of concept becomes evident. Investments in projects expected to demonstrate synergies through JOMDD’s commercialization capabilities are prioritized, as JOMDD is not a venture capital.
In addition to commercialization, JOMDD also offers consulting services to companies. We provide services such as global expansion support, and regulatory affairs strategies as part of the commercialization process for medical technologies with a focus on overseas expansion, which is our strength. Fees can be assessed by the hour or by the project, flexible according to the client’s needs.

JOMDD’s other strength is the ability to offer a “one-stop commercialization service” for medical technologies.. Please contact us about our business and services.

Call for “Seeds” or Ideas of Medical Innovation

JOMDD is constantly seeking “seeds” of innovation in order to incubate innovate medical technologies.
If you have an idea or a potential seed and are interested in collaborating with JOMDD, please contact us.

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